Long time, no review….

I’m baaaack…boy, start a blog, start writing a grant, disappear from the face of the earth for two or three weeks.

I’ve been working on a post about contentment in places with high taxes and lots of socialist government programs compared with, well, us. But that’s not finished yet.

What I have done is finish Mira Grant’s Newsflesh Trilogy. And, dude, it was AWESOME.

Potential Spoilers Follow!

The series is about zombies. But, really, it’s not. The zombies are just a stand-in for anything you fear, and, more importantly, anything that “they” want to keep you afraid of. We are reminded that keeping people fearful is the best way to keep them under control. Give people something to fear, and then promise to protect them from it, and you can rule the world.

And, incidentally, how much fun is a world where the CDC is in charge? Heh.

At any rate, the series is really about journalism, conspiracies, and politics…oh, and terrorists, erm, I mean, zombies. The zombies take a back seat, for the most part, to the vast government conspiracy and the science. The author clearly did a lot of background research on virology and neuroscience…and then tossed most of it out, for the good of the story.

And the story? Is really good. The crafting of the story is outstanding, in my opinion. By the third book, the things I’d found irritating in the first, because I thought they were sloppy writing, turned out to be carefully planned and executed. For example – I was pissy because it’s my opinion that you can’t have a first-person narrator who dies during the story. But, by the end, it was clear why she’d written it that way – and it worked. There are many such examples – the trilogy was clearly plotted and planned from beginning to end, before a single word was written.

I’m not a professional reviewer, but I know what I like. The trilogy (Feed, Deadline, and Blackout) is excellent, and if you like political thrillers, zombie stories, or Outbreak-type epidemiology thrillers, you should run out and grab a copy of Feed.

Your mileage may vary, as always.


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