Yoga Pants, AGAIN?

Montana, you’re embarrassing yourself.

Just a short one today, as I sit and administer an exam to nine students in a capstone cell biology class. (Read: I don’t have a lot to do here.) I’ve discussed the way yoga pants apparently make it impossible for men to focus on their workouts, and generally how men apparently, when faced with butts in yoga pants, lose all ability to control their impulses, and how we, as women, are clearly responsible for helping the poor, sad men control themselves by dressing so as to cover all parts that men might find sexy before. But the Exercise Wear From Hell is back, and it’s giving at least one Montana lawmaker fits.

Apparently State Representative Moore was so horribly offended by naked cyclists riding through Missoula that he’s introduced a bill that “would ban any public nipple exposure (including men’s) and ‘any device, costume, or covering that gives the appearance of, or simulates, the genitals, pubic hair, anus region, or pubic hair region.'” He went on to state that “yoga pants should be illegal anyway,” but didn’t go so far as to try and include them in the ban. Yet.

The bill has been tabled after widespread and entirely appropriate mocking of Moore and the Montana legislature, but this same legislature has been attempting to enforce a dress code that tells women (specifically women) to mind their skirt lengths and their necklines. Undoubtedly due to all the women dressed like Playboy bunnies while debating legislation on the floor.

Yes, I mock. I’ve had a bit of a month with men who refuse to act like adults, and I think this one goes right into that same category. Jeez, guys, do you think you could maybe focus on your jobs and not on how short your colleague’s skirt is?



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5 responses to “Yoga Pants, AGAIN?

  1. That mindset is criminally stupid and impossible to cure. Let’s say his ridiculous bill passed? I’ll lay down all the tea in China that in a year or two he’d be back trying to make it illegal for women to wear their hair loose and uncovered- I mean it’s so sexy. Or maybe flip-flops and pedicures would be persona nongrata- guys do like pretty feet.

    Whatever- you can’t fix stupid.

    Nice post.

  2. I really have trouble understanding the mindset of this kind of legislative proposal. As a straight man, yes, when women I find attractive wear form-fitting or revealing clothing, of course that can appeal to me and distract me. (I assume the same would be true of attractive men if I were gay.)

    And that is 100% my own problem. I am responsible for my distraction, and the fact that someone I find attractive is dressed appealingly does not entitle me to leer or interfere with her. And it certainly does not entitle me to try to change the way someone else dresses or behaves. I am responsible and accountable for my own actions. Not anyone else’s.

    • Well, not to put too fine a point on it, that’s because you’re an adult with lots of practice taking responsibility for your own actions and controlling your own behavior/impulses. A truly astounding number of (mostly straight) men seem to think, well into their late adulthood, that women are responsible for controlling men’s impulses.

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