You asked for it.

I was muttering about not having a blog topic that was in any way original today – my rant about the pointlessness of my two-minute showers vs. what it takes to feed cattle got old after sitting for two weeks. Lots of folks have already been there and done that in the interim.

So my husband, who claims not to participate in or enjoy sarcasm, and who also really seems to be a glutton for punishment, chimes in to suggest a post about the “awesome humor of your husband”.

Ahem. So this is a long-standing topic of bickering (which, in our household, is really just a very advanced form of flirtation), to wit: My husband isn’t as funny as he thinks he is. Also, his humor tends towards the really nerdy.

His argument: Yes, he is, and, whatever, you like that.

It came up (again) this weekend as I was watching Iron Chef America on Netflix, and alternately groaning and laughing over Alton Brown’s massively nerdy jokes. I made the inevitable comparison, and the game was on.

I don’t have lots of examples to draw on; I tend to try and forget my husband’s jokes as quickly as possible. But let me just say that he favors the terrible pun, has taught my children some truly ridiculous knock-knock jokes, and takes every opportunity to make the nerdiest jokes he can think of.

And, yeah, I married him anyway. Gods help me, it’s entirely likely that I married him at least in part BECAUSE of this. He appears to be right; I do like it. Oy.

So, sweetie, you win this one. I like the nerdy jokes and the awful puns. But I like bickering over how awful they are even more. You must like it, too. You married me, after all.

Also? The joke still isn’t funny.


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