Yeah, that went well.

naked mal (Image from Firefly (Fox))

It’s been a good day. Heck, a pretty awesome week. Today will make the history books for more than one reason. Marriage equality is the big one – this is up there with the Loving verdict, and we can perhaps put one social justice issue to rest with the correct answer.

The rest: the President had a truly wonderful week. Today’s eulogy will rightfully earn him a place in history – like him or not, you’re being dishonest if you don’t think he’s accomplished anything, or if you think he’s not the most relevant president we’ve had in at least 50 years.

Today he gave the speech that, in my book, fulfilled the promise of his presidency. It’s been coming all along. He’s been up there, doing the work, whatever he can get done in the face of a truly ridiculous GOP opposition to everything, all the time. Since his re-election, it’s been speeding up. The sense of, “look, I’m doing these things because they’re right, get out of the way if you won’t help” has been building.

He had a great week. Obamacare still exists, and will likely continue to do so. No sane Republican Congress really wants to repeal it now. (Granted, how sane they are remains to be seen.)

Marriage equality – we knew it was coming. I had only the tiniest doubt about how this one would go. Scalia’s aneurism-in-writing is something of a bonus, though. And I actually thought that Thomas might swing (given his interracial marriage and all). But this one was a win for the President, who, yeah, is showing himself to be an actual liberal more and more every day. (WOOT!)

And today…America’s first black president gave the eulogy/speech that will likely define his legacy. He went for it all – guns, institutional racism, the works.

This week, and, in fact, this year, he’s been the President we were hoping for all along. I always knew it was there, but it has been truly glorious to watch. Bill Clinton is brilliant, and was very good at his job, and I love him. But I think Barack Obama is going down as the greatest president in modern times.

Yeah, that went well.


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