Great, kid. Don’t get cocky.

I think this’ll be a short one. Let me start with this: I honestly thought Donald Trump would be better at this. No, really. How hard can it be for a rich guy to hire people to dress him, write speeches for him, tell him who to flatter, send him to the right places, etc.? How hard can it be to prep for the questions you’re apt to get, especially since the press had been giving him SUCH an easy time for months?

But, damn. He’s AWFUL at running for President, isn’t he? Dude can’t keep his mouth shut, appears unable to just NOT RESPOND to every slight, real or imagined. I mean, he started a flame war with the parents of a dead soldier. Who DOES that?

It appears Donald Trump does that. He also doesn’t know that Crimea was already annexed by Russia (okay, he knows that NOW, but it would have been good to know it before the Sunday talk shows, amirite?). He also seems to have thrown a baby out of a rally for crying, and is trolling both John McCain and Paul Ryan over endorsements. Really, the GOP candidate for President is openly mocking the GOP Speaker of the House and refusing to endorse him. Oh, and he’s trying to wriggle out of the debates and claiming the election is going to be “rigged”. (Read: “If I lose, I didn’t REALLY lose.)

So, as of right now, Republicans who still have souls and spines are jumping ship, there are rumors of the RNC trying to figure out who they’ll replace him with if he bails before September, most of the Bernie die-hards have come around to Hillary, and the polls, which gave me a minor heart attack after the Republican National Convention, have swung dramatically Hillary’s way. She got a hell of a convention bump, by modern standards.

Having said all that, don’t get complacent, people. Ohio is busily purging voter rolls of “infrequent” and “inactive” voters, and it appears most of those are Democratic voters. Volunteer. Get out the vote. Drive folks to the polls (Warren Buffett will help you out if you need it). Call people in battleground states and remind them that Hillary Rodham Clinton is the only thing standing between us and the abyss.

If you think I’m being overly dramatic, well, maybe. But…sit back and consider what Donald J. Trump might have done, had he been President after 9/11.

Then consider whether you want to risk it. As my officemate Katie was saying yesterday – Trump is making George W. Bush look presidential. Sad!

Or, as stolen from Kevin M. Kruse on Twitter:


Source: GIF: “Come With Me If You Want to Live” (Terminator 2) | Gifrific



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